International Developed Small Cap

Value is Balanced by Cyclicality and Risk!

  • International Small Cap stocks demonstrated evidence of value leadership, but it came with a rebound in cyclicals and additional risk.
  • This contrasts with the domestic markets where value was more mixed but the risk and cyclical strength were still evident. The full report contains charts for both the month and quarter for all three markets we track (Int’l Small, US Small and US Large).
  • International Small Cap tech is still doing well, but it was the shift back to cyclicals from the previous month that made its mark as major central banks (except the Bank of Japan) continued their aggressive rate hikes.
  • The hikes put pressure on the high valuation group, which typically has high forecasted growth, and rewarded stocks with low valuation, strong momentum and high beta.
  • Monthly and Quarterly charts for International Small Cap, US Small and US Large Cap are included in the FULL REPORT.

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