Relative Value Equity Portfolio Solutions

CornerCap Institutional provides institutional investors with portfolio solutions up and down the market cap spectrum.  An experienced investment team uses the Fundametrics® research system to construct portfolios providing consistent, repeatable investment process that is style-pure.

Our Philosophy

Our Story

CornerCap was founded in 1989 with deep institutional roots.  Prior to CornerCap, co-founders, Thomas Quinn and Gene Hoots, ran the $4 billion corporate pension fund of RJ Reynolds establishing the institutional foundation for the firm’s investment philosophy and Fundametrics® investment process. In this role, they evaluated and selected managers, building a simple factor model to measure the consistency of manager performance. At CornerCap, this model was adapted and governed stock selection for client portfolios.  With research and development, Fundametrics® evolved into the sophisticated, multi-factor model in use today.

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