Fundametrics® International Small Cap Equity

Q4 2021 Performance Summary and Observations

  • For the quarter, the Fundametrics International Small Cap Equity strategy returned 3.52%, outpacing the FTSE Developed ex-US Small Cap Index return of 1.02%.
  • Alpha Composite results were strong this quarter, driven by favorable stock selection. “Buys” (+2.2%) beat “Sell” rated stocks (-5.9%) for the quarter and consistently outperformed each month. 
  • Consistency across regions with a 100%-win rate during the period. A win is defined as higher ranked “buy” stocks outperforming lower ranked “sell” stocks.
  • Stocks with strong fundamentals outperformed during the period as the market rewarded high quality and low valuation stocks compared to their peers.
  • Growth stocks still trade at a 1o5% premium to Value stocks.  This compares to a 65% long-term average, indicating potential for more opportunity in the Value style.
  • This quarter marked the 2-year anniversary of the strategy. The International Small Cap model and portfolio performance have been within expectations of the investment team given the inefficient asset class and the market environment. 

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